Thursday, April 17, 2014

Better Smiles from People Are Encouraged By Teeth Whitening in Kelowna

The reasons behind looking for Kelowna teeth whitening services are pretty much the same as Americans: people want to look better, and having pearly-white teeth when they smile is incentive enough to undergo these services. These procedures are usually not painful, but they can be uncomfortable for the person undergoing them. Additionally, even teeth whitening cannot eliminate discoloration completely, so expectations need to be set by the performing dentist.

Teeth whitening in Kelowna is available in most clinics like the Choose Your Smile Dental clinic. There are several methods used in whitening teeth ranging from laser whitening to home tray whitening. which involves applying dental trays containing the whitening solution to a patient’s teeth for a certain amount of time. All procedures need constant monitoring so as to avoid any inadvertent side-effects. In the end, however, a better smile will be very much worth effort.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An Experienced Sedation Dentist in Kelowna Can Ease Your Dental Fears

IV sedation dentistry in Kelowna has become a popular way to stymie dental fears. Just like surgery, you are put to sleep by anaesthesia with no recollection of the procedure. This method is also easier for dentists because it allows them to work unimpeded, getting you out of the chair faster.

Even if you struggle with a dental anxiety, you cannot allow it to get in the way of good oral hygiene, especially since many studies have linked poor oral hygiene with an increased risk of heart disease. That said, do not hesitate to see a trusted sedation dentist in Kelowna like Dr. Stephen Malfair if you feel you need help with relaxing on the dental chair.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Invisalign with Kelowna Orthodontists: Slow But Steady In Fixing Teeth

The number of Invisalign aligner trays may vary depending on the scale of the treatment plan, and each will have to be worn for no more than two weeks. Sharon’s treatment, in particular, involved 16 upper trays and 15 lower trays. Your dentist will also educate you on proper maintenance solutions for the aligners.

Getting invisible braces in Kelowna with help from practitioners like Choose Your Smile’s Dr. Stephen Mayfair will be more than worth their weight in gold. The onus will be on you to stay the course and have your teeth locked into the proper position.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dual Purpose: How Undergoing Cosmetic Dentistry in Kelowna is Healthy

As the crown section of the teeth is prone to decay-causing bacteria, dental crowns or “caps” may be placed over the area. Apart from being an adornment, ceramic dental crowns restore tooth functions as well. The biting and chewing capabilities are revived or improved upon with this basic procedure.

Other cosmetic dental treatments like implants and whitening are more than attractive cover drapes as well. To consult for these services, seek an established Kois dentist in Kelowna such as Dr. Stephen Malfair from Choose Your Smile Dental Clinic. Experience smile rejuvenation from these cosmetic services while seeing to your oral health at the same time.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

All on Four Teeth in a Day Helps Denture Wearers Chew More Comfortably

Fortunately, the All on Four Teeth in a Day procedure offers hope to dental patients dealing with ill-fitting dentures. In this procedure, patients are placed under IV sedation and four (or more) metal posts are imbedded into their jaw. These posts will then function as permanent anchors to which their dentures (which have been appropriately modified) will be screwed.

When you get All on Four from Kelowna dentists like Dr. Stephen T.E. Malfair, you can rest assured that your dentures will fit comfortably and securely, as if they were your natural teeth. As such, you can eat a wider variety of food more comfortably. You’ll no longer have to worry about embarrassing mishaps too, such as your dentures falling out during social events, and that alone is sure to give you increased self-confidence.