Thursday, April 17, 2014

Better Smiles from People Are Encouraged By Teeth Whitening in Kelowna

The reasons behind looking for Kelowna teeth whitening services are pretty much the same as Americans: people want to look better, and having pearly-white teeth when they smile is incentive enough to undergo these services. These procedures are usually not painful, but they can be uncomfortable for the person undergoing them. Additionally, even teeth whitening cannot eliminate discoloration completely, so expectations need to be set by the performing dentist.

Teeth whitening in Kelowna is available in most clinics like the Choose Your Smile Dental clinic. There are several methods used in whitening teeth ranging from laser whitening to home tray whitening. which involves applying dental trays containing the whitening solution to a patient’s teeth for a certain amount of time. All procedures need constant monitoring so as to avoid any inadvertent side-effects. In the end, however, a better smile will be very much worth effort.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An Experienced Sedation Dentist in Kelowna Can Ease Your Dental Fears

IV sedation dentistry in Kelowna has become a popular way to stymie dental fears. Just like surgery, you are put to sleep by anaesthesia with no recollection of the procedure. This method is also easier for dentists because it allows them to work unimpeded, getting you out of the chair faster.

Even if you struggle with a dental anxiety, you cannot allow it to get in the way of good oral hygiene, especially since many studies have linked poor oral hygiene with an increased risk of heart disease. That said, do not hesitate to see a trusted sedation dentist in Kelowna like Dr. Stephen Malfair if you feel you need help with relaxing on the dental chair.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Invisalign with Kelowna Orthodontists: Slow But Steady In Fixing Teeth

The number of Invisalign aligner trays may vary depending on the scale of the treatment plan, and each will have to be worn for no more than two weeks. Sharon’s treatment, in particular, involved 16 upper trays and 15 lower trays. Your dentist will also educate you on proper maintenance solutions for the aligners.

Getting invisible braces in Kelowna with help from practitioners like Choose Your Smile’s Dr. Stephen Mayfair will be more than worth their weight in gold. The onus will be on you to stay the course and have your teeth locked into the proper position.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dual Purpose: How Undergoing Cosmetic Dentistry in Kelowna is Healthy

As the crown section of the teeth is prone to decay-causing bacteria, dental crowns or “caps” may be placed over the area. Apart from being an adornment, ceramic dental crowns restore tooth functions as well. The biting and chewing capabilities are revived or improved upon with this basic procedure.

Other cosmetic dental treatments like implants and whitening are more than attractive cover drapes as well. To consult for these services, seek an established Kois dentist in Kelowna such as Dr. Stephen Malfair from Choose Your Smile Dental Clinic. Experience smile rejuvenation from these cosmetic services while seeing to your oral health at the same time.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

All on Four Teeth in a Day Helps Denture Wearers Chew More Comfortably

Fortunately, the All on Four Teeth in a Day procedure offers hope to dental patients dealing with ill-fitting dentures. In this procedure, patients are placed under IV sedation and four (or more) metal posts are imbedded into their jaw. These posts will then function as permanent anchors to which their dentures (which have been appropriately modified) will be screwed.

When you get All on Four from Kelowna dentists like Dr. Stephen T.E. Malfair, you can rest assured that your dentures will fit comfortably and securely, as if they were your natural teeth. As such, you can eat a wider variety of food more comfortably. You’ll no longer have to worry about embarrassing mishaps too, such as your dentures falling out during social events, and that alone is sure to give you increased self-confidence.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Understanding Dental Techniques and KoR Whitening Procedure in Kelowna

There are, of course, many benefits to having whiter teeth. It may seem superfluous and trivial, but many people actually suffer from a grave lack of self-esteem because of discolored, if not total loss, of teeth. It is with technologies like KoR whitening that allow these folks to have a viable option and solution for the dental problems.

For interested patients, it also helps to understand exactly how the procedures work and what kind of effects it can have on them. Fortunately, services for teeth whitening in Kelowna are easily accessible and available. Those who would like to get KoR whitening in Kelowna can consult with dental centres, like Choose Your Smile.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dental Care in Kelowna for Persons with Disabilities or Special Needs

With the current advances and knowledge in dental health, it will only be a matter of time until this small concern can be solved. In the meantime, understanding the problems of these special patients should not only be limited within the context of their dental health, but also to everything they do in their daily routines.

For people living within British Columbia, you may consult dental centres in Kelowna about this and other topics concerning general and special dental health. There should also be no shortage of conventional dental health service providers, such as Choose Your Smiles, offering quality Kelowna dental services within the area.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Have Dental Phobia? Worry No More—Sleep Dentistry in Kelowna Can Help

Dentists only want to cure their patients’ oral problems, but countless Canadians fear these well-meaning professionals. This article from provides some interesting statistics on dental fear in the country:

“Dental anxiety is a common phenomenon. In a recent Canadian survey, 5.5% of respondents reported being “very afraid or terrified” of dental visits, and a further 9.8% were “somewhat afraid”. Dental anxiety prevalence, of a clinical significance, varies based on criteria used to measure it and the population studied. In general, worldwide estimates range from about 4% to over 20%. A larger number report feeling anxious of seeing the dentist. Many Canadians reported being at least “a little afraid” of dental care and endodontic treatment (36% and 61.2%, respectively). It is clear that dental anxiety is present to some degree in a majority of patients, and therefore should be considered by the treatment team.”

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Braces Redesigned: The Dental Benefits of using Invisalign in Kelowna

Ever since its development in 2008, the use of Invisaligns as alternatives for teeth restructuring and realigning has helped a constant number of dental patients. Known to have the same effect as traditional braces, the use of plastic frames crafted out of a base teeth alignment still holds as a better solution with no negative side effects on the part of the patients.

Many recent articles state the multiple advantages of using this form of treatment, as most dental practitioners now use this method in special cases:

    “The aligners Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners which are created to fit the shape of your teeth. These aligners are designed to realign your teeth through a progression every two weeks. New trays gradually have the same effect of metal braces and instead of having wires tightened you have trays that are adjusted and refitted every two weeks.”

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Reputable Dentist in Kelowna Observes Best Management Practices

Like any other health care facility in Kelowna, a dental office should strictly follow sanitation standards and best management practices. This is stressed on Dr. Mark Burhenne’s article for that discusses what patients should do before they undergo any consultation or procedure in a dental office. According to Dr. Burhenne, dental care is a kind of trust relationship between the patients and the dentist, which can be strengthened by complying with these standards.

Being inquisitive will protect a patient from potential risks that come with the procedure he or she is about to undertake. In most cases a skilled dentist in Kelowna will explain the procedure in detail, including the best management practices they implement in their office. This can be confirmed by the observable signs of sanitation and preparedness that run normal in the dental office.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dental Implants in Kelowna—Installation, Benefits, and Protection

Dental implants and crowns almost perfectly resemble real teeth, making them the best option for restoring the look and function of your oral cavity. No wonder more and more victims of tooth loss are preferring quality dental implants in Kelowna to traditional tooth replacement methods. Not only can this set of restorative device improve your self-confidence, it can also help improve your health by aiding in digestion.

However, like your natural teeth, a newly-installed Kelowna dental implant should be given proper care. Dental specialists in offices like Choose Your Smile stresses on the importance of proper care in the stability of the implant, allowing it to properly combine with the bone tissues. This will enable it to withstand regular pressures during digestion, especially if you will chew hard food.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Expert Cosmetic Dentistry in Kelowna Can Fully Restore Worn Smiles

Regular brushing and flossing can only do so much for aging and worn teeth. It’s not uncommon for the advanced of age to experience completely yellowed teeth, or significant tooth loss; these cases will need more drastic dental procedures to solve. Fortunately, a clinic that offers professional cosmetic dentistry in Kelowna can help in restoring the former glory of dilapidated smiles.

Regardless of how old a person is, it’s never too late to have one’s teeth fixed. With current dental technology, it’s possible to repair or restore age-related dental damage such as missing or discolored teeth. Whether a senior needs teeth whitening or a secure dental implant, he can always rely on a capable cosmetic dentist in Kelowna like Dr. Stephen Malfair of the Choose Your Smile Dental Clinic.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Installing Comfortable All on Four and Teeth in a Day Dental Implants

The Bay Today website has a news feature posted last January 10, 2014 that enumerates several ways folks can improve their dental hygiene. Daily maintenance of one’s teeth can prevent a laundry list of periodontal diseases, as well as permanent tooth loss. For those with dentures, the article suggests the following:

“Seniors: Brush natural teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and clean in between the teeth at least once a day.  Clean and soak dentures (full or partial) daily.  Brush and massage the gums, either with a soft toothbrush or with a warm, damp cloth.”

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Treading Carefully When Undergoing Quality Teeth Whitening in Kelowna

Ever felt like a shot of pain suddenly coursed through your teeth every time you chew or drink? What if that affects your chances for certain treatments, like teeth whitening at Kelowna dental clinic?

Kelowna residents may be just as rankled as other Canadians when teeth sensitivity is discussed. Some studies have proven that at least one in every three Canadians are known to have hypersensitive teeth. It is never a good time when you try to flash a beautiful smile only to feel the pain coming in. When you want to flash the pearly whites without having to deal with a grimace along with the smile, you must consult a reputable practice like the Choose Your Smile Dental Clinic.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pacifiers, Fingers, Thumbs, Oh My! Dental Solutions for Oral Health

If you don’t pay close attention, unabated thumb-sucking or improper baby bottle feeding can cause dental problems in your child. Babies suck any object placed in their mouths—pacifiers, fingers, thumbs—to ensure breast feeding; it’s a reflex intended to provide them deep emotional and physical security. Beyond the age of five, however, when permanent teeth start setting in, a pacifier becomes no more than a crutch.

When the child starts to walk, pacifiers should be limited to bedtime, or to calm an upset child. Beyond the age of five, however, unless regular visits are made to your local Kelowna dental centre, the thumb-sucking habit, when not mitigated, can cause teeth to protrude, creating an overbite. Upper and lower jaws can also form out of alignment.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

No Pain, Big Gains: IV Sedation or Sleep Dentistry Gets Kids’ Nod

Even with the nightly rituals of brushing teeth, some toddlers just aren’t blessed with teeth that grow into strongholds that fight decay. Three-year old Gretchen LeBlanc already needed her teeth capped to prevent abscess, and her mother, Liz, knew she had to make the child relaxed enough at the dental chair so she could take home something positive about the experience. Liz was anxious, but open about the treatment plan that would include IV sedation.

IV sedation in dental practice—also called sleep dentistry in Kelowna, B.C., or Intravenous Conscious Sedation, uses an anti-anxiety sedative drug to induce deep sedation, but not sleep. Parents should be aware that dentists are guided by ground rules for the sedation of children, developed by medical and dental professionals, and recommended by the Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the Canadian Dental Association and the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia.

Friday, February 14, 2014

For Wearers of Invisible Braces in Kelowna, Ease Trumps Tradition

With modern dental approaches, however, the good news is that more and more adults are consulting their dentist for no-frills, practical teeth straightening. Braces are no longer for adolescents. And for the anxious ones daunted over metal braces, there’s Invisalign, the nearly invisible orthodontic device as an alternative to traditional braces with their wires, brackets, and spacers.

Your orthodontist in Kelowna, BC, such as Dr. Malfair of Choose Your Smile Dental Clinic, should be able to advice the best approach in your case, whether traditional braces or a step-by-step treatment with Invisalign in Kelowna, BC clinic be the more appropriate route. A bite that needs significant adjustments may be better turned by traditional braces, which can do faster and more dramatic movements than any other approach in cosmetic dentistry.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kelowna Dentists Aver: Avert Rigid Tartar Stains by Proper Flossing

With all the advanced technology available today to any dentist in Kelowna, and elsewhere, there’s really only one timeworn, venerable sensible dental care to follow whether you are in a remote area off an island or in the middle of the city. Unfortunately, because the regimen is routine, people tend to take teeth cleaning that includes proper brushing and flossing, for granted. Keeping your teeth and gums clean veritably reduces the risk of developing more serious health problems, such as stroke, oral cancer, and heart disease.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Dental Implants that Kelowna Patients with Loose Dentures Can Rely On

Dental implants revolutionized the prosthetic dentistry field. From the original function of replacing single tooth losses, implants are now used for multiple teeth replacements in one way or another. As Dr. Logan Hazard explained in his CDA Press article, dental implants can be used as an anchor for both partial and complete dentures. These dental implants that Kelowna patients can rely on would serve both function and aesthetics. Not only will the implants prevent mishaps and difficulties associated with loose dentures, but they also will make smiles more pleasing and confident, having eliminated the unsightly latches of conventional dentures.

Dental implants in Kelowna offices like Choose Your Smile are applicable as single tooth implant, or multiple teeth replacement through an implant bridge. These services, along with regular dental check-ups, aim to restore your smile –and keep you smiling. Contact your friendly neighborhood dentist in Kelowna today for more information.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kelowna and Toothbrushing Mistakes to Avoid

After your visit with an established Kois dentist in Kelowna, such as Dr. Stephen T.E. Malfair of Choose Your Smile Dental Clinic, you’re sure to have a cleaner, whiter set of teeth that won’t fail to make you smile. Whether you underwent a teeth whitening procedure or had dental implants put in, it’s necessary for you to learn the proper way of brushing your pearly whites.

Treatments under cosmetic dentistry in Kelowna, particularly fillings, crowns, or other restoration, would all be in vain if you don’t know how to brush your teeth well. Thoroughly cleaning your teeth and mouth can do wonders for your oral health and ensure that the positive effect of any dental treatment you just had will last for as long as possible.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

All-on-Four in Kelowna: Getting to Know this Amazing Dental Procedure

Edentulism may sound like such a fancy term, but actually it’s just a word that all points to the condition of being toothless, something that still persists in a large percentage of the North American population. As of 2011, Statistics Canada and Health Canada report that around 22.3% of men (aged 60 to 79) and 21.1% of women (aged 60 to 79) have no natural teeth. If you belong to the edentulous population of Kelowna, you ought to know that troublesome dentures or even painful bone grafting are not your only treatment options.

These days, All-on-Four teeth in a day procedure from leading dental practices in Kelowna like Choose Your Smile Dental Clinic is becoming an effective solution to complete tooth loss.