Friday, February 14, 2014

For Wearers of Invisible Braces in Kelowna, Ease Trumps Tradition

With modern dental approaches, however, the good news is that more and more adults are consulting their dentist for no-frills, practical teeth straightening. Braces are no longer for adolescents. And for the anxious ones daunted over metal braces, there’s Invisalign, the nearly invisible orthodontic device as an alternative to traditional braces with their wires, brackets, and spacers.

Your orthodontist in Kelowna, BC, such as Dr. Malfair of Choose Your Smile Dental Clinic, should be able to advice the best approach in your case, whether traditional braces or a step-by-step treatment with Invisalign in Kelowna, BC clinic be the more appropriate route. A bite that needs significant adjustments may be better turned by traditional braces, which can do faster and more dramatic movements than any other approach in cosmetic dentistry.

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