Thursday, February 6, 2014

All-on-Four in Kelowna: Getting to Know this Amazing Dental Procedure

Edentulism may sound like such a fancy term, but actually it’s just a word that all points to the condition of being toothless, something that still persists in a large percentage of the North American population. As of 2011, Statistics Canada and Health Canada report that around 22.3% of men (aged 60 to 79) and 21.1% of women (aged 60 to 79) have no natural teeth. If you belong to the edentulous population of Kelowna, you ought to know that troublesome dentures or even painful bone grafting are not your only treatment options.

These days, All-on-Four teeth in a day procedure from leading dental practices in Kelowna like Choose Your Smile Dental Clinic is becoming an effective solution to complete tooth loss.

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