Friday, March 14, 2014

Have Dental Phobia? Worry No More—Sleep Dentistry in Kelowna Can Help

Dentists only want to cure their patients’ oral problems, but countless Canadians fear these well-meaning professionals. This article from provides some interesting statistics on dental fear in the country:

“Dental anxiety is a common phenomenon. In a recent Canadian survey, 5.5% of respondents reported being “very afraid or terrified” of dental visits, and a further 9.8% were “somewhat afraid”. Dental anxiety prevalence, of a clinical significance, varies based on criteria used to measure it and the population studied. In general, worldwide estimates range from about 4% to over 20%. A larger number report feeling anxious of seeing the dentist. Many Canadians reported being at least “a little afraid” of dental care and endodontic treatment (36% and 61.2%, respectively). It is clear that dental anxiety is present to some degree in a majority of patients, and therefore should be considered by the treatment team.”

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